About the Journal

TIME in Physics aims to publish high-quality articles with a specific focus on the latest research in the field of Theoretical Physics, Instrumentation Physics, Material-Molecular Physics, and Physics Education.

The journal’s scope includes but is not limited to, the following:

  • Theoretical Physics
    • High Energy Physics
    • Gravitation and Cosmology
    • Astrophysics
    • Nuclear and Particle Phenomenology
    • Computational and Non-Linear Physics
  • Instrumentation Physics
    • Sensor System
    • Control System
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Nuclear Instrumentation
  • Material-Molecular Physics
    • Synthesis and Characteristic Techniques
    • Advanced Materials
    • Low Temperature Physics
    • Exotic Material
  • Physics Education
    • Innovation of Physics Learning
    • Assessment and Evaluation in Physics
    • Media of Physics Learning
    • Model of Physics Learning
    • Conception and Misconceptions in Physics
    • Physics Philosophy and Curriculum
    • Psychology in Physics Education
    • Educational Technology in Physics


All manuscripts submitted to TIME in Physics will be read and reviewed blindly (double-blind peer review) by (a minimum of) 2 peer reviewers who are experts in their field. The Editor may assign the Reviewer(s) from the TIME in Physics peer reviewers, Author(s) suggestions, other researchers, and/or other TIME in Physics Editorial Members. The acceptance of a manuscript depends on the novelty of the research, the significance of the article, the truth of the content, the degree of originality, the clarity of description, and the conformity with the objective of the journal.

The manuscript may be accepted without revision, minor revisions, major revisions, or even rejected. The final decision of manuscript acceptance shall be made by the Editorial Board according to the reviewer’s critical comments. The results of reviewed articles by reviewers will be notified to the author via email. The author is given an opportunity to revise his article based on the reviewers' (and editors') suggestions no later than 8 weeks after the email notification.